Nicholas Mcgegan

From Guts to Bolts: Baroque Strings and Continuo

A Free In-School Program

Offered During the Week of January 13, 2014

Orchestra member David Tayler plays the baroque guitar

This fast-paced, interactive program features a baroque “continuo team” from Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra (cello, lute, and harpsichord) that supports a melody instrument (baroque violin). Students will see and hear how the continuo team collaborates in chamber and orchestral settings to form the harmonic and rhythmic foundation in baroque repertoire. The performance engages student participation and includes demonstrations of each type of stringed instrument. Ornamentation and improvisation are highlighted as important stylistic elements. APPLY BELOW for the In-School Program “From Guts to Bolts: Baroque Strings and Continuo.”


Application Deadline: December 13, 2013

"From Guts to Bolts" in Action

Teachers are encouraged to coordinate with their school colleagues and with neighboring schools to bring interested students to hear this In-School Program. For questions about the In-School Program Application, please contact Director of Education, Lisa Grodin by phone at (415) 252-1288 ext. 316 or e-mail at